Everything you need to know to get your Zaffo Free raffle site up and running.

Log into your account

Here is where you can log in to edit your raffle site and download your reports:

Select 'forgotten password' and follow the steps to setting your own password, using the email address you registered with.

Zaffo has prepared your raffle as follows

  1. We’ve set up your raffle game to automatically close at Midnight on the closing date you’ve requested

  2. We’ve created a compliant e-ticket for your game. Here’s the ticket template, which will automatically include your game name and (by law) your draw date and Zaffo’s licence information:

If you need to change your close or draw dates please contact us. You should only change your close and draw dates prior to your game going live.

How to edit your site

Once you're logged in, you will see 'CMS' on the left side of the page. When you click on this, a list of any raffle sites you have will appear.

The URL that appears in the centre is the public URL you should promote to your supporters.

Click on the pencil icon on the right to edit the site. This will open your website content management system (CMS):

When you click on any element within the site, editing tools will appear.

Before any changes are public, you must click 'publish' in the top right hand corner of the site.

Don’t forget your terms and conditions

As well as copy and images on the homepage, you will need to complete the Terms and Conditions, adding the relevant information where guided by the help text. The template copy in the Terms and conditions, together with the Acceptable Use Policy, Social Responsibility guidelines and Privacy policy reflect our own policies, so you should check these fit your own policies and edit as you see fit. Many of our clients choose to keep them as they are.

You can find the Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, Social Responsibility guidelines and Privacy Policy pages in the drop down menu under 'Pages and styles' in the top left hand corner of your raffle homepage.

There are some details in the Terms and Conditions you must complete before promoting your site. Each field that needs completing can be edited by hovering over the text. A green bar will appear over the text.

Click anywhere in the green bar (not on the eye/settings icons) and editing tools will appear, enabling you to type over the help text with your information:

Extra help with editing your raffle site

There is a generic guide in the main menu, titled ‘Help & tutorials’. See below.

Monitoring your sales and downloading your reports

On the left of your dashboard, above ‘CMS’, you will see ‘Reports’.

The first report (All Sales) gives you all of the data captured during sign up. You can see everyone who has subscribed to hearing from you in the report named 'subscribers' (or within the 'Sales data' report). If a player has a '1' in the column 'is subscribed email' or 'is subscribed telephone' they can be contacted via that method. If they don’t, you must not contact them for marketing, but may contact them with essential information about the raffle, for example, if they are a winner.

The ‘Game Tickets’ report is the one you should use to conduct the draw. We recommend, which is a random number generator approved by the Gambling Commission (here’s guidance on how to conduct the draw whe you’re selling online and offline tickets: Guide to conducting the draw)

How to check (or change) your raffle’s close and draw dates

To check the dates that are set for your game, you can return to your sign up form: Please note, that if you need to change your draw date, it is a legal requirement that you write to everyone who has bought a ticket to let them know. Zaffo would also have to create a new e-ticket for your game

What happens when your raffle has closed

Your raffle will automatically close at Midnight on the closing date you've selected, which means you can now conduct the draw. Here's our Guide to conducting the draw.

Your proceeds, after Zaffo's 10% fee (which totals 12% inc. VAT) will be paid on the third week of the month, so should arrive in your bank account around the last week of the month following your raffle close. If you did not confirm your bank account details upon registration we will contact you to confirm the bank account to which you would like your proceeds to be paid.

Your legal obligations

Public raffles must be run under a licence, either from your local council or the Gambling Commission. In either case, there are certain rules you must follow. These should have been sent to you by the body issuing your licence, and will include reporting back to that body with information, including how many tickets you sell.

Here is an overview of the rules relating to a Small Society Lottery licence:

For more information about your obligations under your licence, please contact your licence issuer.

Useful information

Guide to conducting the draw

Digital Marketing Guide

Facebook Guide

Twitter Guide

Content Calendar Template & Raffle Campaign Example

Planning Checklists

Free Images

Zaffo support

If you need extra support, contact or ring the team on 0203 176 6861.

Very best of luck with your campaign!